Is it solipsistic on here, or is it just me?

Here’s the thing, imaginary (and likely to remain largely so) reader. Blogging is innately solipsistic (solecistic quite a lot in my case, too…) . It’s a public diary. A billboard for select highlights from the subconscious. Why the hell should anyone care what I think?

Well, actually, there are a lot of people who should care what I think. It would be nice to think, for example, that politicians gave a monkey’s. Still, if wishes were horses, the French would eat them. And on that front, any time you’re in  a Cafe Rouge it would be nice if the staff had some tiny inkling that you might have come in wanting food or drink and not just to sit in ascetic self-denial while a group of black-clad youths try to decide on slouching or lounging  as they listlessly fiddle and flirt with iPhones. So perhaps they’ll stumble across this blog and, having looked up all the tricky words, sashay (shit, there’s another delay…) over to my now dessicated remains and roll their eyes  to indicate that they’d be willing to grudgingly bring me a coffee.

Moving on… as long as we’re clear then, that we blog for (and largely to) ourselves then no worries. If members of the general public, my local political representative or the CIA want to drop by occasionally to check on my current level of mental health, the likelihood of my spearheading a revolutionary political campaign, my plans to assassinate a prominent public figure or, more likely, to enjoy a few tactless gags whilst looking down on the clumsy lack of ability to construct a cogent argument, then welcome to all. In the mean time, I should accept that this is simply therapeutic, like sending letters to God or reproducing the ceiling of the Cistene Chapel in body fluids on the wall of my padded cell.

Whilst this particular stream of consciousness is actually simply an exercise in finding out how long it takes to set up a blog and write a post of appropriate size, more may follow.Much as I’d like to think that it’s because a free, frank and fascinating exchange of views may follow, I’m rather afraid that I simply need the therapy.

So for today at least, it seems that my time is up. Feel free to initiate a free and frank exchange of views and if you don’t get a response, send a search party to your nearest Cafe Rouge.

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