The ghosts of ramblings past.

Having done the sensible thing and moved my musings over to a ‘proper’ blog site it seems a shame to cast some of those old writings into the outer darkness where men shall weep and gnash their teeth. So in a haphazard, when I get around to it way, I’ll be transferring a few selected pieces across to this platform.  The lack of a bulk export facility from Facebook and the virtual ghost town that is MySpace is both a blessing and a curse. On one hand, it’s frustrating having to transfer pieces of writing across manually via cut and paste and marry up the dates to maintain sequential and topical/historical context. On the other, the judgement call of whether it’s really worth that hassle should give me pause to be critical and select only the finest fruit from the orchard (if the stunted, bilious nuggets presented here may be compared to fruit. Horse apples, maybe…)

So although it’s not been here long, check back through the archives if you will. The files may be dusty and outdated but there’s still a few nuggets of tasteless humour to enjoy and, if you’re new to this stuff, the chance to join the people who know me in charting my intellectual and spiritual disintegration – the prose equivalent of watching a speeded up montage of scenes from Peter Greenaway movies whilst coming down off ketamine.



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