Talkin’ ‘bout a revolution?

So was Tracey Chapman and now look at her. Can’t get arrested.

Can you get arrested for calling publicly for revolution? Let’s find out.

I call for a revolution.

Not just another bout of talkin’.

I have to be honest: I don’t know where to start.

But there is something smouldering away inside me and gradually eating away at my will to live.

I keep reading things that feel like bile burning in my throat. Today’s was this piece about the working day of a nurse. A couple of weeks ago it was this piece by George Monbiotic in the Guardian.

With apologies to regular readers who come to this blog for glib jokes, dire puns and self conscious verbal gymnastics. I’m just too close to the edge of despair to make light of this.

We keep voting for a pointless reshuffle of the same Oxbridge silver-spooned thieves club and wondering why nothing changes in our favour. Meanwhile it seems like the people running the country, every country, get richer and further away from us.

Tell me, good people of the Internet, how the hell do we stop it?

How do you organise a revolution?

I don’t want bloodshed if we can help it.

Could we get everyone to just stop one morning and go and lie in the street? Say enough is enough?

I wrote a little while ago (in a far funnier blog) about one way of having the country run a little fairly. I was quite serious (if not solemn) about the idea (well, apart from the onions…)

And I’m serious about this.

How do you organise a revolution?

One thought on “Talkin’ ‘bout a revolution?

  1. Technology is rapidly changing our lives and instead of using this to shape a cleaner, more open and less stressful future, our leaders are ensuring that we are all working harder than ever, propping up our archaic systems of politics, banking and manufacture, in an endless cycle.

    We want a revolution, but at the same time we are largely comfortable in the lives afforded to us and we have become too hooked on Krispy Kremes to pick up big sticks with nails in anyway.

    I think you could sum up the attitude of many with:

    “I’m really not happy about X, but i don’t want videos of me casing dixons popping up on youtube”

    If a revolution is to occur it will be via a mass “disconnect”. By that I mean a realisation that we are all controlled by a system, and we depend on it for support, but at the same time understanding that there are real instances where we can disconnect from it.

    We’ve seen that technology can move faster than the legal system, as unnamed curly haired welsh footballers called Ryan Giggs will tell you. It can move faster than the banking system as Bitcoin and other unregulated currencies gain popularity. It can outpace mainstream media and advances in 3D printing may make us less dependent on consumer goods.

    In the future perhaps we won’t need to overthrow the system, maybe we simply won’t need it?………

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