Ho, ho ho… this is no laughing matter.

If you’re beset by the dreadful, flatulent lethargy that a big Christmas dinner can induce, it’s probably a good idea to get out and get some exercise. If it’s too cold and wet, you can get the same rise in heart rate, though, by watching your democratically selected MPs debate food banks.


If you can’t bring yourself to sit through the whole thing – and I can’t blame you, remembering that this is the pinnacle of the democratic process of which you are a part (or from which you are apart, depending on your level of cynicism) will make you cringe – then there’s a quick synopsis from our friends at the Independent http://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/politics/iain-duncan-smith-leaves-commons-debate-on-food-banks-early-9013917.html see if you can detect any editorial stance.

What are you hoping to get for Christmas? If it’s ‘bloody furious’ then this should be the gift that keeps on giving.

As a government of self-serving robber barons chortles away at the prospect of half a million people on the brink of starvation and millions more desperately making do, if you feel anything other than impotent rage, I have to question what’s wrong with you.

Well, rage may be difficult to quell but we can cure impotence, it’s the twenty first century. So let’s make 2014 the year we bring these bastards down.

Vote for an alternative party. Start a bank run. Protest. Fight with tools.


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