About Nils Andorffson

If you’re reading this then you’ve probably formed your own ideas about me but, as this is mostly deranged, solipsistic ramblings anyway, what’s the harm?

By day I work in science education, mostly by encouraging teachers to spend more time playing silly buggers with science and less time browbeating disinterested teenagers about arbitrary measurements of progress. I’ve always had an interest in things scientific and technical; I’d say that although I can get by in geek it’s not a first language. I’m also interested in philosophy, writing, idealistic politics, music, art, sport and… well, most things, really, barring fashion and reality TV. I love books more than e-readers, I almost never cook from recipes, I’m a fan of Radio 4 comedy, I think that the world would be a better place if everyone spent more time playing with music, sport, food and words.

I also sing lead vocals with a band called The Layers. Some of the writing here crosses over with the further deranged ramblings on that site. If you have time, do check us out.

I don’t believe that serious and solemn are the same thing, so whilst I may appear to mostly use this blog for making crass and tactless jokes about things, don’t assume that I’m not thinking about them seriously. I found over ten years or more as a science teacher that humour is not only a good way to communicate but that trying to make a good joke about something often requires you to have to deepen your understanding of it. My stand up routine on industrial chemistry never really got a great reception, mind you…

If you’re concerned from reading any of the rants herein that I’m a lonely, misanthropic, borderline sociopath with an alcohol dependency, just a few keystrokes from taking up a rifle, climbing a high building and picking off random strangers then you’re not alone. You’re also currently in a set of crosshairs.  Nah, just kidding, but think about it before you leave your comments. This blog is occasionally a venting process. I find myself torn between hope in the unlimited potential of humanity and despair at our seemingly limitless stupidity. It’s a point of view that produces no little tension.


One thought on “About Nils Andorffson

  1. Interesting to hear a fellow educator’s views on learning. I too hate arbitrary measures of progress and yearn for more creative and fun.approaches!

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